Used Car Loan – Getting Your Moneys Worth

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Used Car Loan – Getting Your Moneys Worth
The average used car sold for about $13,900 last year; half of what a new car cost according to One reason for the sharp drop in used car pricing, as Edmunds points out, is depreciation.

�. . . there is a steep decline in the car�s value in just the first year of the car�s life�from 20 to 30 percent. In other words, that car that was worth $21,800 when it was new can be purchased only a year later for as little as $15,260.�

Buying a Used Car from a Dealer

The FTC Used Car Rule requires dealers to post a Buyers Guide on used cars. (Buyers Guides do not have to be posted on motorcycles and most recreational vehicles.) The Buyers Guide must tell you:

> whether the vehicle is being sold “as is” or with a warranty;

> what percentage of the repair costs a dealer will pay under the warranty;

> that spoken promises are difficult to enforce;

> to get all promises in writing;

> to keep the Buyers Guide for reference after the sale;

Buying a Used Car from a Private Party

Private sales are not covered by the Used Car Rule and don’t require Buyers Guides. They are also not covered by the implied warranties of state law. That means a private sale is on an �as is� basis unless your written purchase agreement with the seller says otherwise. So be sure to have your own mechanic go over the car thoroughly.

Some used cars may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or a separately purchased service contract. However, warranties and service contracts may not be transferable, so be sure to review the documentation before you buy.

Used Car Loan Quote

You can get a free quote on a used car loan simply by using the express request form at 1-800-Bar-None. The site also has more information on Used Car Loans.

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San Francisco: The Golden Gate City

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San Francisco: The Golden Gate City
Of all of California�s many highlights one city stands proud as one of its best. San Francisco is arguably the most loved of California�s tourist spots. Why is this? Well, whereas L.A. is wide and sprawling, San Francisco is smaller and more accessible. Its core lies in Union Square with its bustling atmosphere, great stores and theatres. Further afield, the hills of San Francisco can easily be explored by foot. Other outdoor highlights include the Golden Gate National Recreation Area with its beautiful trails. Yet, it is San Francisco�s cultural highlights for which it is perhaps most renowned. Check out the architecture of the City Hall�s dome, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, or the wonderful Palace of Fine Arts to get a sense of the variety on offer. Of course, no trip to San Francisco would be complete without a view of the Golden Gate Bridge or exploration of Fisherman�s Wharf. Another must-see is Alcatraz. A tour of the former prison should be completed, if only to hear the chilling tales of some of its inhabitants. Kids will love Pier 39 or the Exploratorium, home to amazing scientific experiments.

San Francisco is similar to New York in that both have a number of neighbourhoods, all of which are very different in character. Each offers their own slice of San Francisco. The Castro is San Francisco�s gay neighbourhood and is renowned for its trendy stores and nightlife. North Beach is the Italian area and, unsurprisingly, boasts some of the best restaurants of the area. Other highlights include Chinatown and Japantown.

Once San Francisco had a reputation for hugely expensive accommodation and meals. Thankfully, this is no longer still the case and prices have come down somewhat. San Francisco is both welcoming and impressive, an unlikely combination these days. Enjoy!

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State Farm Home Owner Insurance Quote

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State Farm Home Owner Insurance Quote
If you have a home business and need a home owner insurance quote, consider getting your home owner insurance quote from State Farm. As long as you purchase enough home owner insurance to adequately protect your home as well as your home business, you will be safe; however, making sure you have enough home owner insurance for both your home and your home business is just the start. You must take a few more steps throughout the duration of your home owner insurance policy to make sure your home business is thoroughly covered with your State Farm home owner insurance policy.

First, make sure you have taken proper inventory of your home business� equipment. Include computers, printers, fax machines, copy machines, shredders, scanners, and any other expensive electronic equipment, as well as filing cabinets, desks, and chairs. These are the pieces of equipment you will need to list in the event your home business becomes damaged in some way, so it is extremely important not to forget anything. Also, keep your inventory up to date, and notify your State Farm home owner insurance agent so he or she can make the necessary changes to your State Farm home owner insurance policy.

Next, consider investing in protection devices such as lighting protection systems and electrical surge devices. You can contact a contractor for more information about these kinds of protection.

Finally, keep your State Farm home owner insurance quote low by taking your own precautions. Install a safety alarm system. Record the serial numbers of all business office equipment you purchase. Buy a large safe and store all smaller, expensive office equipment in it when you�re not in the office. If you are willing, consider bolting your larger office equipment to the floor, such as desks, safes, and copy machines.

Take these steps before you get your State Farm home owner insurance quote, and maintain them to keep that quote low.

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State Farm Home Owner Insurance Quote
Find budget car insurance in Michigan
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Used Car Bankruptcy Loans

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Used Car Bankruptcy Loans
Used car bankruptcy loans are available to persons who have recently filed for bankruptcy. There are many business enterprises extending bad credit used car loan programs to people who have faced bankruptcy, foreclosure, and repossessions. Car dealers themselves may provide the loan, or you can get it from other sources.

Once a person is declared bankrupt, it is vital for him to establish a new credit account before opting for a mortgage loan. The only way to improve his credit score is to maintain regular payments after bankruptcy. It is recommended to wait for at least six months before applying for another loan. This is because immediately after bankruptcy, the interest rate charged on auto loans is usually much higher than that for an average loan. This, in turn, will increase your monthly car payment. However, with a sizable down payment, it is easier for borrowers with bad credit to obtain financing for a used vehicle.

If you are taking the used car bankruptcy loan from the dealer himself, make sure to get the used car checked out by an independent mechanic. If the dealer does not encourage an appraisal of the car, it is a clear indication that the car has some problems.

Economic forecasts indicate that auto loan interest rates are likely to fall in future. To obtain an auto loan is a lot easier these days, regardless of creditworthiness. There are quite a few options available for selecting an appropriate lender for financing a car. Nowadays, not only are banks and credit unions providing used car bankruptcy loans to people with flawed credit, so are many finance companies. Applying for a used car loan through the Internet can save money and time. Many firms provide online financing assistance with used car loans for people with bad credit.

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Caribbean Migration in Southeast Texas

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Caribbean Migration in Southeast Texas
Marcha Thomas-Blades, “Caribbean Migration into Baytown, Texas,” Touchstone, vol. XIX (2000), 59-67.

This article traces the migration of Caribbean Islanders into Baytown, Texas, and explores the impact their immigration has had on Baytown. The first Caribbean peoples arrived in Texas as slave labor in the early nineteenth century. At this time, Galveston Island was an important port in the slave trade, which supplied slaves to Texas colonists.

In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, a series of natural disasters and economic depression caused many Caribbean Islanders to immigrate to other countries. The building of the Panama Canal attracted Islanders to Panama, and oil production drew many to Curacoa and Venezuela in the early nineteenth century. In 1960, the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix employed many Islanders in the oil industry.

The first influx of Caribbean Islanders in Texas settled in La Porte due to Brown & Root’s active recruitment among the Islanders. In the 1970s, the Islanders began moving to Baytown, which was experiencing an economic boom due to the oil industry. Brown & Root recruited many Islanders to help build the Baytown Olefins Plant.

Mr. Jesse Powell and his wife Dorothy helped the Caribbean Islanders adjust to life in Baytown. They provided housing in their trailer park and transportation for the immigrants for $70 dollars a week. Mrs. Powell helped them with such things as enrolling their children in school, shopping, and finding employment.

Caribbean Islanders in La Porte also began moving to Baytown due to racism. Although Baytown was not as hostile, the Islanders still suffered discrimination on account of their skin color and accent. Consequently, many children found it necessary to suppress their ethnicity, even while their parents strived to teach them Caribbean culture and values.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Caribbean immigration continued into Baytown, and many Islanders from other parts of the United States and Canada also came to Baytown. Baytown was a preferred spot because of the availability of jobs, tropical climate, small population, and the existing Caribbean community. The 1990 Census reported about 1,081 Caribbean immigrants living in Baytown.

The Caribbean population began to have an impact on Baytown. Many businesses opened that sold Caribbean products, such as the Caribbean Snacks and Produce Store. Jah Colors sells Caribbean memorabilia, music, and clothing. The nightclub, The Robe, offers Caribbean music and dancing. Caribbean organizations were formed, such as the Lee College Caribbean Association, which sponsored the first Carifiesta in 1993. This festival was continued for three years, until the graduation of two of its most active members resulted in the decline of the LC Caribbean Association�s activities. In 1998, the LC Caribbean Association ceased to exist.

Since Caribbean culture has been accepted in Baytown, the children of Islanders are not ostracized and now are proud to exhibit their heritage. Marcha Thomas-Blades contends that while the Caribbean youth have held on to their culture, they have assimilated into the dominant culture. Consequently, they are experiencing the best of both cultures.

Mary Arnold graduated from University of Houston-Clear Lake with a B.A. in literature and history.

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Car Loans Online

Car Loans Online

The internet has now made it very easy to apply for a car loans without the hassle of dealing with those car salesmen. You can apply online for car loans within about an hour and have the check in your hand by the following day after your application is approved.

It is very simple, online car loan lenders work with various financing companies to offer car loans for all types of different situation. Even if you have poor credit or are a first time buyer you will be able to find financing online that will have you driving a car in no time.

It does take a few days for your application to be approved, but the application will only take you a few minutes. You will be able to complete the entire application online in around 20 minutes. You can be approved very quickly and have the check in your hand by the day after applying.

Okay you are now ready to apply online for car loans. First, before you jump into it, you need to decide how much you want to spend on a car and how long you will need the loan. It is a good idea to apply for a bit more because of sales tax and other fees that may be added.

The application form that you fill out for car loans is a short form that will ask you information about your employment history, your mortgage payments if you have any and other personal questions regarding how much you earn and how much is going out each month. Then after you fill out the form you just click the submit button, you will usually hear something within just a few minutes if you filled out the application during regular business hours. If you have been approved you will receive the check with other paperwork the very next day.

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Personal Car Loans – Take the Car of Your Choice

Personal Car Loans – Take the Car of Your Choice

Car is always used in the sense of luxury and comfort. With car you can finish your miles journey in few minutes without getting tired. But it is also a fact that it is not an easy task to buy a car. Personal car loans might help you in converting your dream of owning the car into reality.

Personal car loans are generally taken by borrowers either for buying a new car or for used car also. Personal car loans are both secured personal car loans and unsecured personal car loans. If you apply for secured personal car loans then you have to give your property as security for availing the loan. With secured personal car loans you can enjoy the facilities of low rate of interest, higher loan amount, longer repayment terms and small monthly repayments. Unsecured personal car loans do not require you to have anything for security. If you have good credit history then you can easily apply for the unsecured personal car loans. The major benefits of taking unsecured personal loans are that your property is always safe, the approval process is quick and it also involves less paper work.

Thus personal car loans are available for borrowers either with property or without property. When you go to take the personal car loans then it is advisable to study the loan agreement carefully. You should always remember to check the loan agreement fully and make sure that you have understood it before you commit to it.

The most indispensable factor which you should keep in mind before you decide to take the online personal car loans is to get the credit rating of the lenders in the financial market. Usually lenders having good online credit rating provide you the good services in terms of repayment time frame and interest rate. So after considering it all you can easily take the personal car loans.

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Drive Away In Your New Dream Car With New Car Loans

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Drive Away In Your New Dream Car With New Car Loans
Every one gets thrilled at the thought of owning a gleaming new car. But then we have to put reigns on the thrill and excitement as we face the �harsh� reality�money, money and money!! Very few of us are lucky enough to be able to pay in cash for a car, especially if it’s a brand new car.

However, owning a new car has become quite easy and affordable for a common man today. About �18.4 billion is taken out every year by borrowers in personal loans to buy a car. With so many lenders and various types of new car loans in the market, you do need have to just dream about a new car. You can actually own it conveniently. However, do not let your sense of thrill overshadow the need to take a rational decision while choosing a deal of new car loans. There are different sources from where you can arrange for the finances to buy a new car, such as a bank, a building society, car dealers, private lenders, etc. You should try to avoid a car dealer for financing your car. The sales staff�s tactful and pushy sales gimmicks may not enable you to negotiate your way around. New car loans arranged through a bank gives you the bargaining power of cash. So, you are able to pay the car dealer in full up front as well as save some money. A contract is signed with the loan provider where the terms of the loan, the interest to be paid and monthly repayment amounts are stated. As the market for new car loans is highly competitive, you can be lucky to avail cheap new car loans if you do a thorough research and shop around for a while before choosing a deal.

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Enjoy the Flexibility of a Car Loan

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Enjoy the Flexibility of a Car Loan
If you are thinking of buying a car, and finance is coming your way, then a car loan would help you to fulfill your dream. You can buy a new car or a used one according to your need. Car loans are being designed to cater to your exact needs, just according to your financial situation.

According to your financial situation and requirements you would be offered a loan by the lenders .The interest rate may depend on many factors. But mainly it depends upon two factors; the first one is that the amount of the loan you want to seek and the second one is the term for which you want to seek a loan.

The car loans can be categorized as cheap car loans, low rate car loans, used car loans, refinance car loans, bad credit car loans etc. If you have an adverse credit history then you would be offered with a bad credit car loans. Though, you may have to pay a higher interest rate. Whether you are planning to buy a new car or thinking of buying an old one, you can seek a cheap car loan.

The benefits associated with a car loan are immense. You can get manageable interest rates. Next short repayment terms will be there with minimal formalities. Above all there are absolutely no issues with the number of CCJs, arrears and defaults.

You can now analyze the flexibility of a car loans. It is being designed according to your needs and requirements. If you are thinking of buying a car then you should start looking for a right lender.

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The author is a business writer specializing in finance and credit products and has written authoritative articles on the finance industry. He has done his masters in Business Administration and is currently assisting Ecar-Loans as a finance specialist.

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Car Loan Calculator – The Basic Requirements For Use

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Car Loan Calculator – The Basic Requirements For Use
The calculation required to find out the installment amount for repayment of car loans has become very easy with the help of a car loan calculator. Borrowing money for a car was never as easy as it is today. However, it is as essential to calculate the amount that has to be repaid after obtaining a car loan.

The Main Factors Responsible

When you decide to take auto car loans, and before you can use the car loan calculator, you have to inform the lenders about two important factors that decides the total cost of the loan. The first factor is the principal amount of loan and the second factor is the tenure for which you wish to take the loan. Next, you have to inform about your FICO score to the lending agency. The FICO score is your credit ranking according to the three credit bureaus. If your credit ranking is high, then you can get as much loan as you want at a very low APR (annual percentage rate|). On the other hand, if your FICO score is low, it means you have bad credit. In this case, you have to pay a much higher rate of interest. The rate of interest is decided by the lending agency. In addition, the APR is the third and the most important influencing factor, which decides the monthly installment.

If you are an intelligent customer, then before applying for car financing you will first make sure that your credit ranking is very good, so that you can get all the terms according to your convenience. For this, it is important that you stop any credit purchases for some time and try to pay off all the outstanding dues against your name, as far as possible. Once this is done, you are ready to use the car loan calculator. The car loan calculator quickly calculates the installment amount; if you give it, three inputs namely the amount, the interest rate, and the duration. It is so quick that it takes even lesser time than taking over phone.

You can use a car loan calculator to calculate the installment amount at different rates of interest offered by the various lenders. Then after choosing the best offer from a reputed company, you can start the process of application and finally receive your car loan in your account. However, it is also important to see all the documents you are signing, to make sure you do not pay any hidden costs or service charges out of ignorance. In addition, try to take as less loan as possible, to keep the installment amount low. Further, if you have low credit, take a loan for a longer period. This way the installment amount will be low. In addition, do vice versa, if your credit rate is good.

A car loan calculator makes it so easy to calculate the installment amount for the purpose of car financing that you can take quick decisions on your car loans.

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