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Student Car Loans
Are you sick of public transportation? Perhaps you are tired of having to walk to class in wet, cold weather? Maybe you need a car to get to and from a new job that you just started. If you are a student seeking an easier means of getting around, there is answer! You can apply for a student car loan, even if you have no credit or bad credit!

Student car loans have two major advantages! 1) Buying a car will help eliminate all of your no-transportation headaches! 2) Utilizing a car loan to purchase a new car will help build your no credit or bad credit history into a positive one. Every monthly payment you make for your car loan will be reported to every major credit reporting agency.

I have no credit. How am I going to get approved for an auto loan? With most car loan companies, being young and having no credit is not a factor when it comes to granting approvals. How come? Because a car loan is a secured type of loan. The lenders are protected by the fact that if your loan goes into default, they get your car.

What about bad credit? How do students get approved for a car loan with poor credit? Same thing as getting approved for financing with no credit! Students with bad credit should not have a problem getting a car loan with bad credit because the lenders are protected; you don�t pay, you lose the car!

What about interest rates? What can one expect with poor credit? What kind of rates are associated with no credit car loans? The interest rates related with bad credit student financing will tend to be a little bit higher than interest associated with no credit student loans. No credit loans with be slightly higher than interest rates for student with good credit. However, no matter what your credit is, if you make your payments in full and on time, in about one year you can apply for auto refinancing and achieve a lower interest rate for your car loan.

Do students need a co-signer when applying for college student auto loans? Typically, auto finance companies will not require a co-signer for loans up to $25,000. If you are a student, there is no need to have a car loan for an automobile that costs more than $25,000.

What about buying? Do I need to buy from a dealer? Can I buy from a private seller?There are only a few auto loan companies that offer the flexibility of being able to purchase from anyone you want. Most finance companies work directly with dealers, often only with franchised dealers. However, dealers will work with you to find any make or model of new or used car that you are looking for.

Getting a student car loan is not a hard thing to do. In fact, as outlined above, it is pretty simple! Just make sure you make your car loan payments in full and on time, every month!

Jacob Andrews is the webmaster/marketer of Premier Auto Financing. Premier Auto Financing provides student car loans for those with good and bad credit. Utilize your financing to purchase from a private seller or from a dealer.


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